Thursday, December 31, 2020

arya and sansa


Painted from a rare photo of sisters Arya and Sansa sitting side by side; they usually fight!
Painting white cats, for me, is as hard as painting a black one, but in a different way!
I painted my back cat, Smilla, as a silhouette with eyes.
For the white cats I can never settle on what color to paint the areas in shadow, and also have difficulty with their soft edges.


RH Carpenter said...

Sorry, I disagree - you didn’t have a problem with the whites or the soft edges in this! Lovely and serene (unlike the cats, I take it!).

Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful painting. I love the discussion of colour. You totally nailed it.


Diana said...

Lovely, I agree with Rhonda, you did a beautiful job. Love, Diana

laura said...

Thank you all for the support!!!