Thursday, December 24, 2020



Another take on a background: lightly (maybe too lightly) painted branch shapes wet in wet; lifted/blotted a little here and there; and once it dried a little, added a few more branch shapes.
I like how chilly it feels.
But if that cardinal was in my yard, he'd be getting rained, not snowed, on.


This one didn't work out so well. You know how sometimes when you start out wrongfooted, you just cant fix it. This looks overwrought to me ... though I like the pine cone and needles!


blackwatersiren said...

I like the "overwrought" bluejay of Dec.24th, it looks like the start of heavy snowfall and winter storm. It makes the bluejay look a little lonely, a little anxious. I always love to get your blog emails, seeing the paintings makes my day brighter.

RH Carpenter said...

Oooo, I like your papa red better than mine - mine looks too. stiff. You have such a light touch with the birds. I like both of these and the cute little Carolina Wren, too!

Sharon Parker Cox said...

Merry Christmas! I came upon your blog via Pinterest. I enjoy your sweet bird watercolors, and the botanicals. As one who dabbles in watercolor, I also appreciate your self critiques, which are modest and instructive. Thanks for sharing your work and thoughts.