Wednesday, June 19, 2013

(stalled) wip

Another Brandywine Light painting, in progress. I used mask to save the railings, so I there's a little time pressure to finish if I want to be able to get the mask off. (I used a Masquepen, which allows you to draw fine lines with the mask.)

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Cape May, Gecko's. (If you go do not miss the pear-cornmeal cake.) The tree is really the show, though, and I'm afraid to paint trees ... I was building up washes of green (I should have varied the colors in each glaze more) but not being pleased with the results thought I'd try a few branches, and I'm more pleased with them.
I painted them with burnt sienna, violet, raw sie
nna and some ultramarine blue, trying to vary and mingle the colors as I went. I think I'll do more of them, then go back to the foliage.

Lilies and trumpet vines I plucked from an empty lot on my bike ride today.
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Carol said...

Your washes are so loose & lovely! I have a lighthouse in the works also. Is that green mask?

Gwen Buchanan said...

Lovely and watery.. just like it should be.
Our daylilies aren't out yet. pretty soon tho.

Barbra Joan said...

Every time I look at your paintings I think of the word 'glowing' . That's how they strike me.. Beautiful work, as always. You've always been an inspiration for me, and you get better all the time.. Have no fear, your tree work is splendid. !

Barbara Muir said...

I love your works in progress. I always feel like I'm learning so much watching you at work. These are beautiful.

XO Barbara

Laura said...

Just popped in to say I am glad to see you back painting and blogging again Laura. I've missed seeing your work. I've had a soft spot for it long before I saw it on the Painting Loft many moons ago. I probably never thought to tell you before. xx

RH Carpenter said...

Lovely work, Laura!

Polly Birchall said...

This is a lovely painting of the lighthouse, and the washes are perfect