Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Forgive me, Blogger; it's been one week since my last post.
No penance; just a resolution to paint more.

I've been going through one of those slumps where, though I see or think of subjects to paint, I am not feeling committed to anything ... "floundering," I'd call it.
Last Friday and Saturday each time I walked past this plate of grapes and a lemon on my kitchen counter, I thought I should paint it. Finally got to it, trying to keep a casual "I don't care how it turns out" attitude ... and striving to mix some neutrals.

Fourth of July is the most dreaded weekend of summer for me: it becomes so impossibly crowded here that I barely leave my house the entire three days. I plan to spend the time studying Winslow Homer and Andrew Wyeth's paintings of water.
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A Brush with Color said...

Ooooh, this is positively "ethereal," Laura. I like it a lot! Have fun immersing yourself in art--I should be weeding in our garden as it looks like a jungle right now. I hope I get to do some sketching, too. Happy 4th!

shl said...

This is pure-and-simple GLORIOUS--strong despite the neutrals, and delicate because of them. WHAT a success, and how completely rewarding to look at again & again (almost with a sense of "Will it still be as rewarding as I thought?")!

And for a woman who works works with words, you seem to have NO idea what "slump" and "floundering" might really mean!!!

Carol said...

Slump? Where? Looks beautiful to me. Have fun with Homer & Wyeth over the weekend!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laura,

This is lovely. It makes me sad that you should ever be unsure of what to paint. Please paint whatever you see. You are so good. We've just had a very quiet Canada Day (Our equivalent day to July 4th)-- my husband was working, and so was I, so we went for a walk with the dog in the park, which felt marvellous. After supper my son and I walked across the street to watch the neighbours' fireworks on the baseball field.
It seemed perfect. A few lovely bright big bangs and home to paint.

Take care,


Laura Frankstone said...

Gosh, Laura, we all need time off from blogging ---and a different kind of rest from painting, too. Five years into blogging, I finally let myself go more with the flow. I think I've lasted longer as a blogger because of it. Your grapes are elegant and serene---hope you catch some of that serenity from them over the hectic holiday weekend ; D. I don't know if you drink, but a few well placed gins and tonics might not be a bad idea over the next days.