Friday, June 12, 2009


So much rain, so much work to finish ... but I did get up and out on the bike early (for me!) this morning. It was sunny when I set out, but became increasingly cloudy.
It was low tide, so I decided to park the bike and walk on the beach, since low tide's the optimum time to find beach glass.
I was all alone as far as I could see in either direction, and decided to slow my usual brisk pace to a meander.
I started these two watercolor sketches before it began to rain ... I packed up my little kit, but continued walking on the beach in the warm rain--it felt so elemental.

Added a little when I got home. I have to work on my depiction of the wrack left behind by the outgoing tide.

(This post's title is from a typo in the first version of this post--which I typed and then read without my glasses! Amazingly only two typos found; just like this: becaming.)
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Charlene Brown said...

Laura, you are doing such a great job of this sketchercise thing! I am in awe... These paintings capture the scene -- and the whole concept -- beautifully.

Cathy Gatland said...

It sounds wonderful Laura - a beach to yourself, meandering, warm rain - and resulting in lovely elemental sketches.

RH Carpenter said...

You are doing a good job! I like the sketches and envy you so much the fact that you can take a leisurely stroll along the beach - oh, what I would give to live by the sea!!

A Brush with Color said...

I am so impressed--and jealous that you are that close to the beach, Laura. You lucky dog, you! I'm really enjoying your work you're producing on these jaunts. They're wonderful!

Anonymous said...

And I thought you deliberately invented a new word. Oh well. You are obviously enjoying sketching and it shows. Love the looseness in your work and always amazed at how you get such nice results with pan paints. I find them hard to use.

laura said...

Thank you--I am so lucky to live near the water, in my case, the Delaware Bay, just a few miles form where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

I have found, not unlike tube paints, when it comes to pan paints, the brand matters! My Schmincke pan paints are always the lushest, and with other colors the brand can make a difference. E.g., my Winsor & Newton cobalt violet pan is very unworkable, hardly yields any pigment (but their tube cobalt violet is my favorite), but other W&N colors are fine.