Thursday, June 13, 2013


These are little (9x12-ish) studies from the workshop I took last week. They're about the ratio of paint to water (I always have too much water ... or maybe it's not enough paint?). For example, the treeline on the horizon was painted with thick paint, picking up the bead of water from the wetter-painted sky, so the paint dispersed a little, creating a look of distance.
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Barbra Joan said...

LOL I have to smile at that uncertainty of 'too much paint' , not enough water' ?
It's the million dollar question I'm always after...
I see the example and I see you had the patience to let it dry before adding the tree. Good for you !
It's something I lack (patience) at times. BJ

Peggy said...

What a useful tip about the horizon! Thanks!

Polly Birchall said...

Great exercise and good outcome

Judy said...

Great exercises! Lovely color palette!


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