Monday, February 08, 2010

old photos

(drawings on Fabriano paper, 5x7 each)
Charles Reid likes to draw and paint from old photos, so I'm trying to gather some for my September workshop with him. Problem is, none of my photos go back much further than 1970 (which is old, but not enough).
I found a great site, Old Pictures, and a related blog, Old Picture of the Day.
The drawing of a little girl on the left is from Old Pictures; on the right is poet Anna Akhmatova--great profile!
Both of these photos were in black and white, which gives me pause when begin to think of painting them ...

The large still life that I mentioned I was setting up a few days back is still not quite gelling, so I pulled out this unfinished full sheet still life that I began about two years ago but have never summoned the commitment to finish. Every once in a while I pull it out and dab at it a bit.



Thanks to Annie and Susan for explaining to me how my new waterbrushes work! And to Cristina for the link to instructions on the brushes' use (you can buy the pens individually or in sets here too). They work fine--once some kind person explains how to get the water in them!
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Teresa said...

Hi Laura!

It's a gorgeous painting. Such lively, lush colors. Thoroughly yummy!

raena said...

Beautiful painting! And I like the start of your two sketches. You might also try Shorpy's : They have lots of old photos...not all in black and white.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laura,

I love the drawings and the watercolour you've been doing bit by bit. Why don't you finish it? It's magnificent.

Take care,


AutumnLeaves said...

Great profile indeed, Laura. I have a watercolor I started a couple of years ago too. And I just can't summon up the energy I need to work on it either. Partly because I work and partly because I keep doing other projects (challenges) that I want to do. I like your drawings and that started watercolor is looking fabulous!

Karen said...

Beautiful and loose painting!!!

Liana Yarckin said...

i love the cropped version of the detail photo. this is so interesting.

Sherry said...

Is it too late for old photos? I have bee collecting them for quite a while, and have lots of nice old family photos you could use. I love old photos and try to use them, though I like your adaptation better.


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