Friday, July 10, 2009

dream comes true

For the past several years I'd been telling everyone that I was going to spend my 50th birthday--this December--in the Virgin Islands, preferably anchored off Maho Bay, St. John. I stopped mentioning it about a year ago, figuring the economy and my chronic shortage of funds would defer my dream.
But yesterday I found out that we will be going to the VI in December--the exact dates have yet to be worked out, but I don't even care if I'll be there on the day; I'm so astounded that I'll be there!--and chartering a sailboat, perhaps a catamaran, with our friends Dave and Jan.
I'm so excited I hardly slept last night and was making a mental list of what to pack!
I'll be keeping myself busy between now and December trying to lose ten pounds by ramping up my lackadaisical exercise routine and overhauling my diet.
I've never had high expectations, afraid of (convinced of?) the inevitable disappointment. But this dream is coming true and now, at fifty, I may become a dreamer.
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Charlene Brown said...

What great news! And now you've got five months of looking forward to it to enjoy in addition to your actual time in VI. You've launched the celebraton perfectly with these lovely anticipation paintings.

Barbara M. said...

Wow Laura,

Congratulations. I hope you do become a dreamer. It's a powerful force. I'll be thinking of you in the Virgin islands, while I'm having an espresso in Italy (my dream) at the Florence Biennale this December.
The paintings are so lovely. I think living by water makes your water paintings so true, alive, perfect.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Lucky, lucky you. You will have lots of scenery to paint too. Love the greens and bluegreens in the first painting and the subtle use of the reddish compliment.

danadpatterson said...

It is never too late to become a dreamer or return to dreams long forgotten and discarded in the busy-ness of living.

That is wonderful for you, and for us, your fans, because you will bring back such beautiful inspirations for your artwork.

lolly-jolly said...

oh I was so excited reading this about your dream... I'm happy that you can make it real!!! I almost feel your emotion when you said that you haven`t sleep because of the feelings:)))
Lovely watercolors.
This evening everybody is going out and i'll take this time home alone to paint a little cause last days were too busy and my watercolors can`t wait me more :)))

Gail said...

Congratulations Laura....sounds like a wonderful trip!

A Brush with Color said...

Whoa Nellie! Good for you! What a way to bring in your 50's. Shoot--life is short--have at it! I'm psyched for you! you'll bring paints, bien sur??

RHCarpenter said...

Dream big, girl! And good for you, this dream is coming true!!! Your paintings are so glorious lately, you must have a real affinity to the water. Now you've got me waiting for January (when you return) for all those beach scenes in the dead of winter :)!!!

Sandy said...

How exciting, You will Make it Happen - and enjoy the anticipation, it is as good as the trip will be - And be sure to paint Tons to post plez!!

paperwerks said...

your watercolors are beautiful!

Mineke Reinders said...

Congrats Laura, that's wonderful! What a luxury to have a wished-for trip to look forward to, and what a perfect way to celebrate turning 50. Yes, by all means, be a dreamer. These two paintings are lovely again. I love especially the sky in the first one (and the green, of course).

Cathy Gatland said...

How wonderful Laura! I had my 50th on the Zambezi River and I'll never forget it - so great to mark a 'biggie' like that. These are beautiful - the bottom one looks full of excitement with a dreamboat ready to sail!

Lindsay said...

Oh I'm very happy for you! How exciting and I'm sure it will influence your work. I love the prep part of a a trip.

Jennifer Lawson said...

Wow Laura, how cool is that, when dreams come true! Lucky you to spend your 50th in the warm tropics. I think I spent my 50th in a blizzard in Maine, but since then it has been in Bali. It just took me longer to get there. Looking forward to seeing your paintings of the Caribbean water.

Sherry said...

Hoorah! I'm excited for you, having an excellent trip in your future.


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