Saturday, July 11, 2009

cg beach

Small watercolors done from one of my sketches ... This paper is dreadful: the top one is my favorite, Fabriano, and the bottom Sennelier, but I've had these little blocks for a while and I've found that some papers don't hold up well over time; they become too absorbent.
And I have so much paper! I hate to think of having to discard a lot of it ... Better start using more!



lolly-jolly said...

lovely mood and such a great colors. i`m in love with your style. it seems so easy but it's professional!

RHCarpenter said...

You can't tell the paper gave you any problems...these are beautifully painted. But you must stop're making me whine for the beach!!! Back to fruit and veg before I cry :(

Barbra joan said...

Fifty is a wonderful age, . Your still young enough to remember how you got there, Enjoy it! It's a beautiful time of life.

Mineke Reinders said...

Your struggles with the paper really don't show, these both look fresh and delightful. What is it with paper these days? Even my trusted Arches has been behaving unpredictably. I think, fluctuations in humidity - even in the studio - may be partly to blame. On humid days with the windows open, I can paint for hours without the paper ever getting dry, which can be very frustrating! I've switched to HP for the time being, because it seems less susceptible to these fluctuations.

Sandy said...

Oh Laura, what lovely seascapes, your bright intense blues and warm shores really depict the Best about the shoreline (and I know as I love on the shoreline)!!


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