Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back from Lewes

(7x10 sheet)
We spent Saturday morning at the Lewes farm market, held on the grounds of the Historical Society. It was rather daunting, crowded with people and vendors, and I spent about as much time shopping as I did painting ... I got some great mini pattypan squashes that I hope to paint before eating. Carol did a great painting of them--but I forgot to photograph it! I'll ask her to email me a copy to post here.

(7x10 sheet)
In the afternoon we painted some flowers at Shelby's: daunted again--it's what to do with the spaces between the flowers in mixed bouquets that stymies me. The centers of sunflowers are so much fun to paint.
For my third try, I wanted to be Emil Nolde-ish, and worked close-up and wet. The result doesn't look at all Nolde-ish, but I'm glad I thought of him and changed my focus. (5x7)

We also made the always looked-forward-to trip to Cape Henlopen State Park. I see so many colors in the dunes and grasses, and simply can't simplify. (5x7)
I feel I was less "productive" than I had intended, but we had such an enjoyable time.
And Shelby and I each entered a painting in the Rehobeth (DE) Art League's member show. I didn't know the deadline for submissions was Saturday, but I had the coconut painting I posted a few days ago on my block, so I framed and submitted it. Shelby entered a beautiful painting of seashells.
I came home feeling so lucky to have such great painting friends, or rather friends to paint with; it's a great change from painting alone in my room: productivity be damned.
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A Brush with Color said...

Wow! Laura, I think you were very productive--these are all great! I love this last dunes painting--the pink touches are inspired. These are all beauties.

Mark McC said...

I love all the paintings, and am pleased to hear you had such a good weekend. Love the colors of the dune pic -- very evocative and moody (in a good way).

I'm so glad you entered the coconut painting -- it's a stunner.

RHCarpenter said...

Yes, very productive! So many small studies to make into bigger paintings - or not. I'm sure your time there was wonderful and you'll have paintings dancing in your head for a while - and we get to see them when they finally come out onto the paper! I adore the dune painting, too - never apologize for too many colors!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laura,

Productive? It looks like you were -- love all of the work -- it's wonderful as usual.

Take care,


Sandy said...

Oh my those flowers especially - amazing watery color and shading - glorious work!! Very productive!!

Anonymous said...

I love the paintings too. I used to live in Rehoboth Beach, so my eyes popped open wide when I read Lewis! The Art League is in such a fantastic setting, isn't it.

Carol said...

I have the same problem with mixed bouquets! Great watercolors from you, as usual!

Mineke Reinders said...

I can only repeat what others have said: you've been very productive indeed. Love the dune sketch especially, and the Nolde-ish flowers too.

JoAnn said...

Isn't that Lewes farm market fabulous? I was over at the Art League on Thursday taking one of my husband's pieces for the show....what a fabulous place. Glad you had a good weekend.

shicat said...

Hi Laura,What a fun time you must have had! The color of the dunes is lovely. All of the paintings are so fun.Lucky you,summer fun.

Cathy Gatland said...

Can see what a great time you had in these lovely paintings (love the sunflowers!)- it is wonderful to paint with friends, even if 'production' drops, which it sure doesn't look like in your case!

susana said...

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