Sunday, June 21, 2009


I had company and it rained all weekend--a nightmare when you have a house at the shore (happily, they all played cards) and I didn't get any painting done.
Annelein's recent post on small, quick setups had me looking in my vegetable bins all weekend ... but I made fruit salad for my houseguests and didn't paint the ingredients beforehand, but I did have a slice of cantaloupe left, and finally had a chance this evening to try it myself.
Here are four 2x3's I did tonight after everyone went home. I tried to vary my color choices, as Annelein suggested, but it's hard: I'm so used to dipping into the colors I feel comfortable with.

Here I chose a complimentary blue for the background behind the cantaloupe, but I like the analogous pink, below, much better--maybe because it has more intensity than the blue, which got a little grayed when the orange ran into it. And pink and orange is just one of those color combinations ... you can't go wrong.

The last is my favorite composition, and so I was going to go with the pink background again, because I knew I liked it, but I forced myself to make another choice.
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Cathy Gatland said...

I really liked the top two - until I scrolled down and saw the bottom two! The pink and orange really vibrant, but the last citrussy combination makes a beautiful sunny painting - love the shapes in this one too.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Laura,

You can't go wrong. Every choice is a good one. Good for you, there are days when I simply can't get any art done. Yesterday was one. I was in a car all day, and didn't have any drawing tools, paper or even a napkin. I admire you for producing all of these lovely studies after entertaining all weekend.

Take care,


Cliff 2007 said...


Fun studies! I especially like the lime in the top study.

I was also inspired by Annelein's orange segments, so I did one myself. It's posted on my blog (only my third post, but whatever!).

Boy do I know about that rain. I live in Philly's western 'burbs, and I thought I'd have mold growing out of my eyebrows on Saturday afternoon. All my watercolor paper was limp!

Steve Penberthy said...

Laura, these are beautiful! I was really drawn to these because they are so loose and juicy and reflect a spontaneity and playfulness. Great stuff! You mentioned these are 2"x3"; are these ATC's? I bought some ATC papers last year but haven't done anything on them yet...

Jennifer Lawson said...

Laura, these are wonderful! I love the bottom one. I am so tired from travel home and then the workshop that I haven't much energy for anything just yet. If I ever recover, I am going to try Annelein's small color study suggestions and then I think I have some art exchanges to work on...

A Brush with Color said...

I'm pretty comfortable with your colors, too, Laura! ;))
They're always luminous, and this is no exception. Love these studies! You should frame them in a series.

Penny said...

I just found your website and wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your posts and your archives.

laura said...

Thanks--you're all really too kind ... Doing these is a nice little icebreaker after casting about for a few days and not being able to settle on anything to paint!

Steve--I painted these on a divided-up piece of Jack Richeson paper, which I just bought and wanted to try (I like it!! I don't do much dry-brush--I always get a bit carried away with the water!--but I think this paper would be nice for it). I have some ATCs, but haven't enjoyed working on the paper surfaces.

shicat said...

Hi Laura, Great color!Missed your posts.

RHCarpenter said...

Well, I like them all but, like Cathy G, was in love with the first two until I saw the last two - we artists/viewers are so fickle, eh? ha ha Beautiful work and good for you making yourself change colors and push a bit against your natural tendencies. Love all of your work - it flows and does what watercolor is all about!

FaernsNest said...

You're incredible and YUMMY colors brought me JOY.

You had a rainy day at the shore and I have had "June Gloom" in Southern California.
I painted citrus fruits all month to brighten my outlook on life.
We are so blessed to have creative FIRE.


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