Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Two quick (about 10-15 minutes each) tries at this month's Virtual Sketch Date image. I used Winsor blue (gs), because it's so cool, but I don't usually have it on my palette; it's very strong and staining too.
I like this subject--the strong shadow, the receding shapes, the reflection in the water. I'll probably do a couple more trying out different blues.

I haven't seen any of the films nominated for Academy Awards this year. Movies I want to see like Doubt, The Reader, Milk and Slumdog Millionaire don't make it down here; we're more likely to get Shrek 8 and Batman 12. So last night when The Visitor, with best actor nominee Richard Jenkins, came on Starz at midnight, I had to stay up to watch it. Jenkins must be one of those working actors who's in everything but who you never notice because he's so good; he was superb in this quiet movie about the expansiveness of the human heart.
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Teri C said...

These are so pretty and great depth. I love that blue also, its just so strong and beautiful.

caseytoussaint said...

The blues are just gorgeous - I love both of these!

RHCarpenter said...

I like the bottom painting best because you've got more variety in the blues, I think, in the hillside - but I prefer the violet hillside in the top one! Picky, picky, I know :(

Art with Liz said...

These two watercolours are really fantastic, Laura. and the blue is so vibrant!

Anonymous said...

Such a coincidence because I just bought this Windsor blue to experiment with. Love the results you achieved. Inspires me to use this color in my next painting.

Anonymous said...

PS I like the second one because the complimentary orange makes the painting vibrate.

Sherry said...

Lovely versions of Lake Louise, Laura. Lots of alliteration there. Dick and I enjoyed The Visitor lots.

Teresa said...

I love the cold, clear colors in these. Looks so wintry, yet so vibrant. Couldn't see the third one... for some reason the first two load, but the third one usually doesn't. Probably my old, slow computer refusing to do its job!


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