Tuesday, February 17, 2009

monday class week 2

Today, using a triad--here, ultramarine, quinacridone pink, and new gamboge--we saturated the paper then floated on the paint, moving it around, adding more paint or water to pull out cloud shapes. After we got some clouds in, we were supposed to make some kind of a scene.
I had a difficult time with this. First I couldn't seem to get clouds! I think I was resisting the cumulus shapes--I wanted cirrus.
Too, I'm never good at fanciful or invented landscapes.

This was my second effort; same triad. I decided to leave it as an abstract.

Finally--using cobalt, rose madder genuine, and aureolin--I stopped resisting and got something approximating a cloud! When it was dry I added these Virgin Island like islands.

These are all so candy-colored: I should have allowed the colors to mix more and gotten more neutral tones in them, but I've spent all my time watercolor painting trying to do the opposite: to keep the colors clean and fresh. But, I have to know how, and when, to do both.

At the end of class I made this little sketch of some flowers Marie brought in.
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Teri C said...

I LOVE these colors! They make such a beautiful relationship. When you look back at these, I think you will love them also. You are like me, we get too critical of ourselves especially when we have something else in mind for the painting and then the painting paints itself.

Delphine said...

Hello from France-- They are all my favourite colours!! the pictures are dreamy and floaty, just like clouds- and dreams. Wish I could be more artistic - you have a gift!

Anonymous said...

I like what you did with this. I always love your subtle use of color. The clouds came out great too.

Cathy Gatland said...

You are brave and innovative with your colours Laura - these are beautiful fantasy landscapes. (If the watercolour wants you to do cumulus, you better do cumulus :D !!)

Art with Liz said...

I think you achieved something really special in this one (top one). Love the colours and the way everything swirls together.

A Brush with Color said...

WOW! That first one is amazing, Laura! These are all just beautiful. It sounds very zen. I am glad you included the colors you used, because I was wondering what they all were--they're so pretty! Unfortunately I can't see the bottom image--I'll have to keep trying. For some reason, your site sometimes just shows me tiny little boxes, but no image. Who knows why--the mysterious little elves who control blogland...

Teresa said...

These are gorgeous! Love the flowing colors.

Gwen Buchanan said...

These are beautiful laura, everything is so white here.. They are are perfect compliment


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