Saturday, February 28, 2009

February VSD


This month's Virtual Sketch Date image, of Lake Louise in Banff.
I love this subject--of course, the blues, but mountain shapes are just so fundamentally appealing ... the repetition, the recession.

Links to artists participating in this month's VSD will appear on the VSD blog tomorrow. You can also view the paintings--all in one place!--in the Virtual Sketch Date group on FlickR. How cool is that?

After I finished the painting above, I was sorting through a pile of old paintings, five or more years old, and found this page. They were done without any drawing and I suspect they're copies--of Fairfield Porter probably, but maybe Hopper. I like the casual way they're painted and hope to try the Lake Louise scene again more in this vein.

(4x6 each)
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Charlene Brown said...

I spotted this lovely painting (of one of my favourite places on Earth) on the Art with Liz blog, and will follow your blog to see what happens with your plan to try Lake Louise again more in the casual vein of the earlier paintings you came across. It's an idea I often try with my own paintings.

shicat said...

Really nice Laura. I like the old painting as well. Great colors and transparency.

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Beautiful watercolor painting. I check in often to see and enjoy your work.

Cathy Gatland said...

I like the strong confident feel of your older paintings, Laura, but the VSD one has more of your signature, somehow... the colours, the flow between shapes maybe..? It'll be interesting to see where you take this

Carol Feldman said...

Laura, I commented on your Flicker account that I liked this...then looked back over the other paintings of yours, left a comment on your figure study. Then I decided to look at your profile to see if you had a webpage or blog...and it is you! I didn't recognize your work out of the context of your blog, I guess, but I still knew I liked it! Lovely, as usual!

Ramana KV said...

Very beautiful.. Love the harmony of colors used here.. Brings a serene feel to the painting..

Gail said...

Hey Laura,
Thanks for your comments, glad you like the new header.
I immensely love your painting, loose style I was lacking and unbelievable the purple and is that
red! When I went to the flickr pool I immediately knew which one was yours(that's a good thing).
Thanks so much for the view.

ego2005 said...

Your watercolor is incredibly relaxing, I like the colors you used on it!

Nice work.


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