Friday, September 19, 2008

WC still life duo

Here's another fine mess I've gotten myself into! The Wet Canvas Still Life Duo project sounded so easy: six small two-object still life. Since signing on last week I've been in a dither trying to select objects. Last night I looked at my Giorgio Morandi book, which helped me choose a subject (at least for the first painting). Then I tried to paint it--more dithering: I add paint; I remove paint.
The problem, which is obvious to me now, is the lack of strong lighting. It's harder to make anything of a simple subject if it isn't lighted dramatically. These could be good paintings without the dramatic light if the cups were, say, drawn perfectly or if they were painted strongly (like a Wayne Thiebaud painting).
So tomorrow I'll set up a spotlight and try again.
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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I think your interest in the deckchair shadows the other day says it all. I agree still life always look better with strong lighting. .. but despite saying all this I rather like the softness of your duo cups - maybe because you have used my favourite colours together. Sorry not visited yo ur blog of late. Must move you up off the bottom of my favourites list.

Teresa said...

Hi Laura!

Sorry, but I had to smile when I read your post (which sounded like Laurel and Hardy).... "this is another fine mess"!! because it sounded just like me as I worked on my first couple of cards. I must have done each card several times over, adding color, removing color, agonizing over every little detail. But then I remembered... hey, this is just practice! I'm here to learn and it doesn't have to be perfect. Besides, I think your cups are the blue/green colors and the soft look.

A Brush with Color said...

Oh, I think these are wonderful. Such great colors and you managed to make them pop here.

Kari Gibson said...

Oh, but they have a softness to them that is very appealing. Sometimes harsh light can be just that, too harsh. I suppose it depends on the mood one is trying to convey. I look forward to seeing the next painting.

Oh, thank you for mentioning Morandi. I have a mental block on his name and have been thinking of his work for the past couple of days!

Sharon said...

I love the color scheme, Laura. Cups can be tricky but I think these are rather charming..

Sharon said...

I picked up a copy of The New Yorker magazine today (Sept.22 issue) and there is a two-page article about Giorgio Morandi in it you might want to read.

Cathy Gatland said...

I love that green and the calmness of this...good on you for getting going! By the sixth one you're going to be confidently wielding those paints. I'm going to sign up for this...any time now...;o)

laura said...

Turns out there's a Morandi exhibit at the Metropolitan in NYC through December. I had no idea!
This photo is a little bluer than it should be, I think. But regarding the lack of strong light/shadows, perhaps I was picking up on more than subject matter from Morandi: while his objects often have one side in shadow, he doesn't seem to use cast shadows.


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