Monday, September 01, 2008

labor day

Well, it's the last hurrah here at the Jersey shore, but, for locals, now the best days begin: warm, long September days.
I went to the beach yesterday--I never go to the beach; we're always on the boat--and it was so wonderful, even though the beaches were packed. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it--watching the little kids playing in the sand and the water; even all the slim young girls in their bikinis didn't make me feel bad that I'm none of those things any longer. I guess that's the sign that I really am old now: I just enjoyed seeing them happy.
I brought a sketchbook, but never took it out of my backpack ... Just sat in the sun and rode the waves with my brother John, his wife Joanna, and their daughter Isabel. Isabel dug herself a rather impressive hole--all the smaller kids who walked by were fascinated by it--and then sat in it, her unbelieveably long, thin arms and legs ruched up around her head. With her cloud of dark hair and dramatic Indian features, she looked like some goddess of her Peruvian forefathers.
Today, BBQ'd for Peter's son and his friends. Peter had to work in Pa., so it was just me and the kids--and they were so nice, and helpful too.
With the perfect weather, a great curtain call to summer.

I had lots of plans for things to paint--pokeweed primary among them; with its yellow-green leaves, magenta stems, and dark purple berries pokeweed really appeals to me!--but late summer lethargy, and being stuffed with hotdogs and hoagies and ice cream, has overtaken me.
Began these two small (4x6) paintings from photos I took earlier in the summer at the Cape May yacht club.
So far just blue--but don't worry Sue and Marie, I will add other colors! I will at least try!

For the distant trees I used a mix recommended by Cathy G., W&N violet and viridian; I think it's just right! And to think of how I always fuss over getting that color, usually ending up with something (surprise!) too blue. Thanks, Cathy.

Can you help me out? I need a reference photo of yellow roses to use for a painting in memory of my brother's fiancee's grandmother. Ideally, I'd like something with a single or just a few blooms. I want to do this painting for Krisi, but I need something to work from.

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Vivienne said...

Hi Laura,
I posted a couple of photos of yellow roses on my blog. I don't think they'll be exactly what you're looking for, but may be of help. Best wishes.

robin said...

What a lovely requiem for summer Laura. I think you should write a paragraph/line to accompany your paintings once in a while, your lyricism is moving. Enjoy September!

A Brush with Color said...

Yes I agree--a very lovely requiem for summer...we're all feeling that pull of another season starting. I like Fall, though, so I'm did a great job on these starts of paintings here. Can't wait to see where they head. Not sure I have any yellow roses to help you with but if I see any, I'll give you a heads up--good luck! Sounds lovely.

laura said...

Thank you, Vivienne! I like the close-up view--your roses are so lush!

Hi Robin! Is it lyric or elegiac? ;-) Actually this morning I had the unwelcome thought: What follows summer? Winter! But, you know and feel the same, I know, all the seasons have their appeal.

Thanks Suzanne. Fall is so beautiful and welcome, but I'm not quite ready to let go of the hot, blue summer!

shicat said...

Hi laura, Susan Kennedy has a youtube demostration. It's fun to watch and links you to other videos. Waiting for the boats as well great drawings, and of course, love the color


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