Friday, September 26, 2008

different strokes

I think I'm about three days behind the deadline, but I wanted to do this anyway: it's the reference photo posted last Wednesday at Different Strokes from Different Folks, where a new reference is posted every Wednesday evening. Go to the site and check out all the interpretations of this man reading a newspaper--it's really amazing!
I painted this on some Arches paper--I usually use Fabriano--that did not behave very well ... after a bit of washing it got sort of pilly: I like a paper with a lot of sizing, that I can push the colors around on; this sheet seemed too absorbent.

Unfortunately, I'm doing this month's Virtual Sketch Date painting on a piece of the same sheet! Since it's Friday afternoon and that has to be posted tomorrow, I think I'll just forge ahead and hope for the best!
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Vivienne said...

This is lovely, Laura. I love your signature colours(and newspaper title). The man looks very engaged with the news and coolly content on his pretty bench.

Teresa said...

Love the colors and the bright airy feeling in this painting!

Cathy Gatland said...

I love the greens and purples, and it looks so sunlit - you did so well on tackling a figure again!
I've also had trouble with Arches before - it's a bit unforgiving of working the paint. I'm still busy with the VSD too... need to get a move on!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Laura, i love the loose nature of this ... it feels so spontaneous and you have captured a moment... beautiful..


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