Thursday, September 04, 2008



Packing my plein-air kit today--selecting paper and a travel palette; doing the checklist: brushes, pencils, sketchbook, water, bug spray, hat, Jersey peches to snack on--painting makes me hungry! ... I think I'll also bring my Sai Japanese watercolor pens and Niji waterbrushes too--I did the two studies above while putting my kit together. The colors are so bright; I haven't gottne the hang of the pens yet, how to mix or control the color, so I "adjust" them a little with watercolor pencil.

I should also bring Hawthorne on Painting and read a bit before beginning to morrow: "Let the objects in your study be simple in form--few in number--and let the arrangement of them be simple." Charles Hawthorne
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Ruth said...

Have fun tomorrow! Eat something for me.

A Brush with Color said...

These studies are beautiful, Laura! Just lovely. Have a great time!

lvetopaint said...

The colors are bright, but they make a very vibrant statement. I wish I could paint so loosely! I need to read Hawthorne!

laura said...

Thanks, Ruth and Suzanne. I'm already thinking about the finger sandwiches! Should be fun; it's a nice group of people--I just have to be careful I don't socialize a lot and paint a little.

Thanks "IvetoPaint." "looseness" seems to be what we all want--although sometimes, for me, looseness turns into carelessness! Two things I think have helped me--although it's ongoing, of course, and relative--are 1) painting without drawing (not always and not for every subject) and 2) painting with a time limit. I'm trying to train myself to stop and assess now and then--I think there are probably times when I could have stopped working on a painting and it would have been fine!

Gail said...

Hey Laura,
I really like the vibrant color on the top one. I don't think the color is too bright at all. Have a great time tomorrow!

Cathy Gatland said...

These colours give quite a different effect - the top one looks as if a storm is coming... lovely paintings. Enjoy your plein-air - how fun, painting, company and food too!

Jennifer Lawson said...

I just found your blog and your work is wonderful. I really like these little paintings—great colors. I bought those Sai watercolor pens and have yet to figure them out, but I like the idea of a softer line with my watercolors. Great work!

Melanie said...

delicious color!
how did i not know until now that you are in Jersey?
many of my dear friends, including my husband, are from Jersey...
Will you follow the pack to Carolina? ha! The population must be getting small up there... all the Jersey folks are moving down here!
It's quite alright with me - they've brought the incredible food with them:)
I cant say as i've ever had a Jersey peach - but i've heard about the tomatoes... makes my mouth water just thinking of it!
Hope you have a lovely time - thanks for still taking the time to read my outofdate blog :)

Mineke Reinders said...

These are fantastic! I love the palette (not too bright, just right), they are so light-filled and fresh. Really lovely. Hope you're having a wonderful day :)

Bob said...

Beautiful work Laura! Do you sell these watercolors commercially?

Vivienne said...

Love these colours... lots of oomph.
Hope it's a great w/e.

laura said...

Thanks Gail and Cathy!

Thanks for visiting and commenting, Jennifer. I think those pens will take some playing with ... but how convenient if we can figure them out!

Hi Melanie. I used to think of myself as a transplanted New Yorker, but now I proudly wear the mantle of Jersey Girl (if I may be allowed to stretch the meaning of "girl"). My youngest brother Dan is our advance guard: he lives in Asheville, NC! Jersey will never be empty; it's an impossibility!

Thanks, Mineke. I have to adjust my seeing--they look so intense next to my watercolors; but it's not a bad thing!

Hi Bob. I've sold a few at local shows and such, but I haven't really pursued selling--it seems like too much work. I have such a stack of paintings now, that I'm starting to think of it just to make room!

Hi Vivienne. Oomph is what we want. Thanks!

pick said...

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