Saturday, February 09, 2008

No picture painting today--just thinking about picture painting ... I got a new folding palette, called "Mijello," with 40 wells, and I'm trying to decide which colors to include. Happily, with 40 wells, I won't have to leave out many. I really like the American Journey sap (it's bluer than the Daniel Smith sap) and W&N quinacridone magenta--a bright, transparent pink.

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Mineke Reinders said...

You must be in heaven with your new palette with 40 wells! Mine only has 20, and I don't even use all of them. You have a nice color selection. I'll have to try the quin magenta, I'm always looking for a strong, bright pink, and I now feel a bit funny about using Opera. I'm also still looking for the perfect violet - any suggestions?

doudy said...

Laura, do you put your colours in a certain order to be able to find them quickly ??

By the way your magnolia flower is Great.

Enjoy your palette,

laura said...

Mineke, I like cobalt violet light--that's on all my palettes; it's beautiful on its own, and mixes nicely with other colors, esp. yellows for some subtle peachy beiges. I think part of the problem in some of my paintings is that I use too many colors, at the cost of unity.
Doudy, I do put my colors in "order": usually, depending on the palette, browns to greens to yellows to reds to purples to blues, trying to put colors next to each other that won't get all muddy looking if there's some accidental spilling from one to another.

Suzanne said...

I love making swatches! 40 wells is a lot. My big ceramic has 24 but I'm always changing what I think is my fundamental palette. What I try to do is limit my palette to 3 or 4 main colors and then dip into my favorites as I move along.


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