Friday, February 08, 2008


I have a small magnolia in my side yard, and every year when it blooms I take as many pictures and do as many paintings as I can (though in past years, there've been many more photos and fewer paintings; hope to reverse that ratio this spring). The flowers don't last, but I think their floppy petals make for fun painting.
This is a card (unopened above; opened below) and envelope I made from photos. I especially like the envelope ... all that negative space (which I usually get too carried away to leave much of).

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Suzanne said...

These are lovely, Laura! Especially the composition of the top card front and envelope. I love the magnolia fragrance - it's great to have one in your yard. I planted a sweet bay magnolia outside my studio 2 Christmases ago. It's still very young but is my favorite plant in the yard.

Mineke Reinders said...

Beautiful, Laura! These make me so look forward to magnolia time. What a wonderful idea to make them into cards and envelopes. Do you sell them? I love your colors and loose interpretation.

Tracy Wandling said...

mmm...nice nice nice. Love all the soft colors you've used. They look like they smell good! Spring seems sooo far just keep posting these lovely flower pics!!

laura said...

Suzanne--Yes, the fragrance is luscious. Seems all my favorites are things that don't last: magnolia, lilac, my stunted peonies!
Mineke--I might look into making some reproductions of this ... At least on my business card!
Tracy--Must be a subconscious desire for warmth and color working it's way into my choice of subjects! ;-)


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