Friday, February 15, 2008

boscobel snow


Call me perverse: it's about 55 degrees here today and I have a bouquet of fresh tulips but, for some reason, I pulled out a photo Robin sent me from Boscobel, Wisconsin, and painted this! Maybe I'll get to the tulips later today.
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Suzanne said...

Better and better - this is fabulous!

Tracy Wandling said...

Yes, more flowers please!! No snow...I have enough to last til at least April. But... well... okay so it's a really nice snow some more flowers!!!

robin said...

We are honored! You've made Boscobel even more beautiful than she is at large. Here we're enjoying an air temperature of
-2 this evening, three feet of snowpack and a forecast calling for another 2-6 inches by Sunday night. Perverse indeed ;)


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