Monday, April 08, 2024


Week 3 of a 5 week prerecorded class with Paul Talbot Greaves. His subjects I think are too complicated for me--I can never seem to pull them together. I'll be happy if I can learn how to paint convincing tree shadows!
Below: early attempts


René PleinAir said...

I love them, ... they are so UN-complicated

Guess (if I may add some comments onto your posting) you could limmit
your palette to max 3 colours, this would look you more about mood instead of detail. The other thing (I don't know how heavy your papers is) use at least 300 grms paper, ... but better is 600 grms. you can look at it like a sponce, it sucks the water much quicker out of the paint and makes you work quicker in layers, ...

Still I love them !!

A Britisch painter (Trevor Chamberlain) had some nice book on "how to" written by Ron Ranson. Google it I would say

RH Carpenter said...

I think you succeeded with the top painting in composition, color and very nice shadows!

laura said...

Thank you, Rene. A limited palette is a great idea. I've used triads and they do really work! I have a tendency to dip into all the colors!
I have tried 300lb and didn't like how absorbent it was ... But I'll try again on your recommendation.
I'll check out the Ranson book.

laura said...

Thanks, Rhonda. My shadows are improving!