Thursday, July 15, 2021

landscape class


I missed class last week and painted this following along with a recording of class-- it was hot and getting dark, and pretty soon after I started I realized I really do not like this paper!
It's from a Arches 140lb CP sheet but has next to no texture/tooth. It's very weird.
Recently I had ordered some Fabriano paper and though it came in Fabriano packaging it was watermarked "Kilimanjaro," the Cheap Joe's brand. Extra strange as I ordered it from Dick Blick!
This paper is watermarked Arches but it feels inferior. 
I was not happy as I struggled with grasses and the rocks!
It's not the disaster I thought it would be ... but I'm stuck with 4 more sheets of crap paper. 


RH Carpenter said...

I like it and like the colors of violet, yellow and greens that work well together. Sorry about the crap paper, and it is odd that it’s Killamanjaro paper but your bought it at DickBlick! I’ve never had a problem with any Arches but have heard there can be problems if it’s old. I’ve never had a problem with Fabriano, either. Haven’t tried the Killamanjaro and stick to those 2 good brands and sometimes an off brand just to try - like the Indigo or Hahnemuhle more for studies. You can also just use the bad paper for studies and checking color choices.

Nellpaints said...

Your painting is beautiful! And your color choices…perfect! I’ve heard so many people say they are having trouble with Arches…the sizing is either spotty or nonexistent. I’ve several sheets of it…so far It’s been ok but I haven’t used what I’ve bought recently. I heard Canson bought out Arches…maybe that’s the problem. If I do find a problem I’ll probably use my gouache paint on it and look for another brand for my watercolors. I’d love to know what paper others are finding to replace Arches.

laura said...

Now before I spend time drawing on a piece of paper I test it by painting swatches down the side!
Kilimanjaro paper is okay (not 100% rag though I think?) but not if I've paid for Fabriano 🙂

laura said...

Thank you, Nell. That is interesting about Canson and Arches! So much for truth in advertising! I guess it's time to do some research! I try a lot of different papers but I'm very fickle in my preferences; they change all the time.
I do love Sennelier paper but 1) it only comes in blocks, most of them small and 2) it"s expensive! It's got a hard surface, which I prefer over softer papers like Fabriano.

Jennifer Rose said...

maybe give the crap paper to someone else? no point using a paper you don't like