Monday, May 10, 2021

irises, cont.


Finally got up the courage to finish this. I like the way the top right turned out, dont like the bottom right--too dark and muddy. But I hope I learned something: dont go back in! Paint it and leave it alone.

The iris paintings I did this past week.

The start of another try!


Jennifer Rose said...

im not gonna complain if you paint more iris' 😀

laura said...

Thank you, Jennifer Rose! Hoping to try a few more while they're still in bloom!

RH Carpenter said...

Nope, I won’t be complaining to see more, either!! In fact, the neighbor’s iris and the iris in the co-op garden near us have made me want to try - and they are hard - all those shapes and overlapping areas!! ha ha

laura said...

I would love to be able to do a more accurate botanical study ... but I have opted for petal-shaped washes! Doesn't matter if the overlap, tho i would like to get better shapes and more frilled edges!