Wednesday, March 24, 2021

still life starts ...



A couple of still I started, then abandoned. The top one because it lacks interest; the bottom one because I didn't like how the cactus was coming out ... too messy. But this setup is not so bad so I may give it another go.

I love still life but am constantly frustrated by my inability to set up a "good" one! If I go for simple, it's too simple; busy too busy ...

If anyone has any tips/tricks/advice on setting up still lifes, I'd love to hear them!

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marnold said...

You might find something here to inspire

I know you liked it when I stuck a rusty tool in with the flowers. I like disparate. And I like your hydrangeas. Stick them next to a little garden shovel and some dirty gloves. Maybe a watering can. Out on the wooden back steps if weather allows.

Can’t wait to talk about painting with you while putting it off to drink 😏