Tuesday, March 30, 2021




Most of the daffodils have opened ... and I'm panicking because I am too busy working to devote as much time to them as I want to.
I really think I used to have more "leisure" time!
Next year I should take this week off!


RH Carpenter said...

The top one is my favorite - they are really dancing in that one :). Yes, put it on your calendar that you get Daffodil Week off next year :). We had a burst of trees blooming and flowers blooming Monday/Tuesday and so warm Tuesday (70!!) - now a freeze warning - happens every year and those fresh buds will freeze :(. I should have gotten out yesterday to get photos but it was so windy I couldn’t even put out the recycling as it was blowing all over the neighborhood.

marnold said...

They must really be dancing! That was my first thought too.

You might consider getting some bulbs next fall and keeping them inside in a pot but keep them cold until Jan or Feb. Then warm them up and you can have daffodils whenever you like.

google How to Grow Daffodils Indoors for more info. After they bloom you can plant them outside for the next year

See you soon

laura said...

brilliant idea!
I want the week off anyway!
yes, see you soon. we'll paint water and beer bottles

laura said...

Same here, Rhonda. Just such a late freeze killed my beloved magnolia.