Sunday, March 08, 2020

daffodils 2


Daffodils: hard to get right (the yellows!) and hard to get wrong (the yellows!).


MILLY said...

A really lovely painting, clean and fresh just as daffodils are. I pressed to enlarge, against the black they look perfect daffodil yellow and makes a lovely spring picture.
nice to find your comment,thank you Laura. finding pieces of china is so exciting.

laura said...

I find mostly glass (old beer bottles from fishermen, I guess!), but also skate and whelk egg casings, drumfish teeth, horseshoe crabs, and a variety of quartz pebbles!

I try to work on my daffodils till they're done ... so more to come

Candy said...

You painted these beautifully, Laura! I'm looking forward to more daffodils!

Barbara Muir said...

Gorgeous! You've done it again. You are the Queen of Daffodils (or was she in the Netherlands?). Anyway you are certainly one of them.


laura said...

Thank you, Candy and Barbara!

martha schuster said...

Hello. :) do you sell your prints by any chance? I would love this one.
Thank you,
Martha Schuster

laura said...

Hi Martha. How nice! I sometimes think of adding a link to PayPal to encourage buying, but I haven't figured out how to do it!
I'll take a look in my files tonight and see if I can find this one ... it should be in there. I want to take a look at it and be sure it's in good condition before quoting you a price.
Email me directly,
Thank you for your interest!