Tuesday, July 16, 2019

wip: grassy sound


Started another painting of some little houses along the back bays here.
I made a tactical error right off the bat, painting the shady side (the light is coming form the right) of the buildings too early; they're too gray, maybe too dark, and maybe confusing. If I had waited till later, I think they'd be more integrated.  But I'm going to keep going because 1) maybe I'll come up with a "fix"; or 2) maybe it won't be so noticeable when the painting is done.


RH Carpenter said...

Not sure what I love the most - the buildings and how the angles are so interesting or the variety you painted in the grasses! Both are gorgeous and I didn’t think anything was too dull in the shadows.

Laura said...

I like it! If the shading was lighter, would it still look like shade without the contrast? Not on my monitor ;o)

Barbara Muir said...

So far just amazing. The painter's journey -- so complex.