Monday, October 22, 2018

alvaro castagnet workshop

Took a workshop last week.
The second day we went out to paint some Cape May streets a la Alvaro.
Normally I'd spend a good hour drawing an architectural subject; these I spent about 5 minutes on, then rushed in with big wet washes.
They're a mess but it felt kinda liberating.
Alvaro's comment,"Too many brushstrokes " was on the mark!
ps That mess in the sky on the bottom isn't calligraphy--it's supposed to be birds!


Judy said...

Great workshop! I know too many brushstrokes too well, but you'll do better next time! Enjoy the workshop!

RH Carpenter said...

Hope you got a lot of good info out of the workshop. And, yes, “too many brushstrokes” is my thing, too! ha ha. We all keep trying to loosen, let go of the control and let watercolor do it’s thing, but it is not easy. You are pretty good with less is more in your seascapes and things - but asking someone to just do minimal stuff in architecture just goes against the grain, doesn’t it? ha ha.