Sunday, March 02, 2014

method + paper

I watched a couple of Birgit O'Connor videos on YouTube and thought I'd give her method--filling a petal or shape with water then putting in the color--a try. I found it to be harder than it looks!
My flowers are much smaller than the size O'Connor works, which may be a problem, but I really chose the wrong paper.
 When I cleaned out my studio I made a pile of papers to try out to see if they were worth keeping: this paper was one of them, and the paint just didn't flow on the surface the way it needed to. In the canna lily especially, I had to push the paint around, which made kind of a mess.
I'll try again with one of the papers I know better.

The fox sparrows I saw earlier in the week are passing through the Midatlantic from their southeast-to-Gulf of Mexico wintering grounds to their summer homes in northern Canada.


Jo Rashi said...


RH Carpenter said...

It's sometimes fun to try out new papers but hard when the paper fights you (of course, I guess that's what you learn when you try new papers?). I like the way you've faded out the edges of the iris = lovely look to these. I think the canna may be a bit overworked, but, like you say, you had to push that paint around a lot. My students are doing the Birgit O'Connor thing now with 1/4 sheet paper - it does help to paint larger when working with really wet paper.

Polly Birchall said...

These are lovely studies despite your reservations

Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful. I love your descriptions.
XOXOXO Barbara