Saturday, February 15, 2014

wip: lemons and crocks

From another reference photo by Lillian Bell at Paint My Photo, combining two of my favorite subjects. And a patterned cloth, which, being lazy, I usually avoid.
Once again, I'm feeling a little out of sorts with my painting ... I may need to push myself a little, try something more ambitious. In the meantime ...


RH Carpenter said...

I like this painting - and the previous ones (thought I'd posted a comment on some but don't see it so I think this winter is freezing my brain functions :(
But if you want a challenge just think of paintings you love and why you love them - then try that technique or color scheme - but only push yourself in other directions if you want. I like your style and your colors as they are but I understand wanting to shake things up a bit - especially this summer. We will all be so stir crazy with cabin fever when spring comes, there will be some drastic measures taken in lots of areas (including art) when we finally can see green grass!

Katherine Harra said...

Yes, I think we need to join forces. I'd LOVE to paint that patterned background for you, but could never capture the jar and lemons with your panache. Keep going. Get in the zone. You know you'll end up enjoying the time spent, as well as the finished painting.


this is looking excellent at this stage laura ...i also like the idea of just the section you've painted of the lace in fg and bg


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