Monday, February 24, 2014


We had a spring preview this weekend: temps in the 50s and sun, glorious sun!
The kind of weather that prompts attempts at home improvement; in addition to digging up some shrubs and getting up on the roof to help patch a leak, I tackled the overstuffed closet in my art room. I pulled a ton of stuff out of there--and found some brushes from a Chinese brush painting class I took many years ago.

 Next weekend: putting everything back in.


cathyswatercolors said...

Tidy-much better than mine closet much better than mine! Spring brings out the manic in us all!

Katherine Harra said...

OMG! Out in the yard DIGGING? On the roof? So hard to imagine or remember. We still have a foot of snow and frozen ground, and won't be even BEGINNING to think about such chores for a couple of months. And even if your ground is thawed, didn't you sink knee deep in mud?
Anyway, I love your spring sketches - it looks like you are working from life, but that can't be . . can it?

Angel W said...

I love your blog! Your paintings inspire me to look at my every day surroundings to paint rather than trying to find the perfect picture to create. It really speaks to me. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

Barbara Muir said...

Love these,

We had warm weather (well warmer) last weekend too, but now it's pitched back down. I have a similar urge to comb through my studio.

XOXOXO Barbara


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