Sunday, February 02, 2014

more grapes

Adding more leafy shapes helps, but I have to be careful not to get carried away with the woody tendrils--I love them.
The large bunch of grapes looked best in the first wash, I think--when I first added yellow; as I continued to tickle them though, the glow from the yellow faded a bit.
Again, not sure about the background. Thinking maybe yellow?

Isn't this a lovely bird; I think it's a mockingbird. I've often seen it flying and could never get a good look, but this morning he or she landed in my yard, right next to where I was standing, happily, for once, with my camera.


Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful. I like the background white, but that's me. The grapes are soft and it lets them stand out.

I wonder what that pretty bird is.

XOXOXO Barbara

Katherine Harra said...

This composition is much stronger than the other arrangement. That one looked like a nice study, this is a painting!

Sergio DS said...

Those grapes are maturing nicely.

Barbra Joan said...

Yup! I believe it's a mockingbird.. Years ago I found one about 3 days old.. mother nowhere in sight .. I actually raised it for 3 months .. I named him Peeper. Eventually took him to a bird sanctuary where he had to get acclimated to other birds.. ..


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