Sunday, January 26, 2014

sugar bowl

 I used a photo by Viacheslav on Paint My Photo. The cloth in the photo is ornate, floral, but I decided I wasn't ready to tackle it.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laurel,

Good decision on the cloth, because it would take away from the bowl, the spoons, and the lemon. Super.

XOXOXO Barbara

Jean Lurssen said...

You have such patience, putting on all that detail on the sugar bowl anyway. Nice composition.

RH Carpenter said...

Your eye knew that too much on the tablecloth would have been too much - this is really lovely :)

Celia Blanco said...

Beautiful light and color harmonies! I especially love the spoons!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Great tones and shadows, very realistic.