Sunday, January 12, 2014

overdoing it

Overdid the salt in the background, and also the bird's feathers, the patterns of which I was trying too hard to define, especially on the back, or mantle. (See this page for a good diagram labeling all the feather groups.) I kept adding and adding, which is not good.
Wet-in-wet seems to yield a better result, but it's hard for me sometimes (many times?) to let things happen instead of trying to control them.

Tried to fix the background a bit ... but the main problem's the bird. So I'll juts set it aside and try again another time.
I think I need to move on to another subject for a day or two.


Barbara Muir said...

Half the time when you chastise yourself about going overboard I find myself studying the painting in reverent awe trying to figure out how you did it!

One day last summer I sat with binoculars and watched the sparrows at the feeder intently. I watched them for about an hour. So it is with authority from that experience that I say you got it absolutely right. Plus I love the background, your delicate touch on the pine needles.

XOXOXO Barbara

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

You are very productive lately! I like this one of the sparrow very much. It isn't too picky-detailed, but suggests the bird convincingly. The background didn't bother me a bit, though clearly you are frustrated with it.