Saturday, January 18, 2014

found still life

A subject I would not normally attempt: bottles on my dresser.

I pick up all kinds of things at secondhand stores and elsewhere always saying I'll use them in a still life. I've used the "milk" jug before, but I may try a couple of simple setups using some of the things I've collected.

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Katherine Harra said...

I especially like the perfume bottles, they make me think of the little bottles my mother used to collect. And of course the graceful way you control your little "bleeds" that connect the objects. I understand that that nearly cobalt blue is THE color this year: frame it and SELL it!!!

cathyswatercolors said...

Love this one.

Barbara Muir said...

Love the painting and drawings. You are soooo good. But then you know that!

XOXOXO Barbara

Polly Birchall said...

The bottles are so well painted, love them

Judy said...

Beautiful still life! I love your style and use of colour!


you did them beautifullly laura

RH Carpenter said...

You have such pretty bottles on your vanity and you've captured them beautifully - just enough color and shape to tell us what it is :)


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