Monday, January 13, 2014

a little ...

A little 30 Days/30 Paintings effort ... things on my desk. I debated adding a background, doing something, to make it more of a "painting" ... but opted against it. It's just a little study, a little trying to get comfortable with the paint.

Following up (in a way) on yesterday's post, here are three paintings I started that I can't finish.
People waiting for their order at Hooked Up, a takeout seafood place. From a photo I took. I'm worried I may have begun too tentatively and piecemeal to pull this together now. It may be salvageable ... I hope so; but, of course, now I'm stuck in that place where I don't want to go and ruin what I have already done!
I think this is a case of just not knowing what to do... all those overlapping feathers! I have been looking at a book by John Muir Laws, The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds, and it's been very helpful to me in understanding the feather groups. I may finish this one.
A woman walking down Jackson Street in Cape May. From a photo I took. It's a good photo, and a nice scene, but I really got off on the wrong foot going in with so many details and hard edges right off. There's so much going on the street, with planters and flowerbeds, and the perspective and buildings ... I think I should begin with wet-in-wet, over all, and then add the woman and the tree and as little else as I can manage.
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Celia Blanco said...

A lot of beautiful paintings Laura! I missed yesterdays bird too. I love every thing you paint. The people waiting for takeout food looks interesting with a beautiful composition. I guess once the challenge is over you will have more time to think about what you would want to do with these.
Beautiful color in the cup and orange!

Meera Rao said...

All beautiful beginnings! when you come back to them after a few days break I am positive you will know just how to proceed :) I always am amazed how things click into place if you leave them alone for overnight or couple of days!!!

Carol said...

Beautiful jays, Laura! Thanks for the book suggestion, too.

Catharina Engberg said...

I can only agree with the others. If you leave them alone for some days, I´m sure you will come up with ideas about how to continue. They look great to me, and absolutely all of them are great starts.
And the sketch you did. Great colourcombo red and orange, and the way they float together is so nice. Take care!

Barbra Joan said...

Laura, just keep going , the journey is always the best part, you know that. Frustrating sometimes yes but your doing great ! I know I'm rusty from not painting for a while.. We seem to have the same malady !

Katherine Thomas said...

Goodness, you have been working hard! I'll be looking back to see which one you decide to complete first, adn which ones you change the most as you go forward with them. Sometimes I start a piece with a certain vision in my head, but it changes to something completely different when it hits the paper. I'm learning to just let my subconscious kind of take over, and see what develops!