Friday, April 11, 2008

pigeon key

From Monday, 4/4's class: a bungalow on Pigeon Key in the Florida Keys. Pigeon Key is where the workers on the Seven Mile Bridge stayed and now it's a state park I think. It's small, practically deserted, and has several little bungalows with great 360-degree views. I sketched two more to paint in next week's class.
(Not to jinx it, if the gods of the ethernet are eavesdropping, but I think I've resolved my connectivity issues: now to get back on my painting schedule ... This brief haitus has demonstrated to me what an impetus to paint corresponding with other bloggers is.)
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Gwen Buchanan said...

Laura, thank you so much for the comment you left on my page... I have to tell you that you are one of my favorite artists that I visit.. Your work is so inspiring!!

Bryan said...

You definitely have the eye and the touch of a great artist. It indeed was a pleasure to meet you and assist in your little connectivity problem.

ps. The gods are smiling on you.

laura said...

Thanks, Gwen, and I must say it's entirely mutual: I am in awe!
Thanks, Bryan, and thanks for coming over and tidying up my messes! Everyone should be so lucky to have such a knowledgeable and nice computer guru at hand ... I look forward to working on my website with you!

Mineke Reinders said...

This is again delightful, Laura. I love the shadows, the variation of color in the blues, wonderful!
Glad to see you back and connected again. Now can you send Bryan over to my house? (just kidding :))

Sandy said...

This is beautiful!!!



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