Friday, April 18, 2008

Last night I attempted to redo one of the Pigeon Key scenes and thought it was a good start; this morning I woke up and saw the yellow I used was dark and very cool--in other words, wrong! I tried to lift; tried to cover it ... no good. Don't paint in the dark.
So, just to keep posting through my little slump, I pulled out this unfinished painting from a life class a couple of years ago. The subject was Jim, but I think it kind of looks like Bob Dylan.
In a subsequent class we discussed how, and if!, I should proceed with this. Suggestions?
(BTW that's supposed to be a mustache.)
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Ruth said...

I knew it was a mustache. His eyes are WONderful.

dave said...

hi Laura some great stuff here love the portrait simple and clean, my watercolours often go a bit overworked and dull, I must try harder, or perhaps not so hard?

Gwen Buchanan said...

Laura.. I think you should stop ... it works just like this!


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