Sunday, April 13, 2008

first watercolors

While work is still being done of my house, I thought I should thin some of the clutter, starting with my art supplies closet, in the bottom of which I found a big flat box of old paintings and drawings. These are three of my earliest watercolors, done at a table in my apartment in Jersey City in the early 80s. After playing around like this for awhile, I signed up for drawing and painting classes at my dad's alma mater, Cooper Union (I'll post a few of these too).
Looking through these raises the question: what to do with them? I have piles and piles. It seems ridiculous to hold on to them, but what else can be done? And now, looking at these, I'm glad I kept them, though I must have not thought much of them previously to consign them to a box at the bottom of closet.
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