Sunday, April 13, 2008

first watercolor classes

I was lucky in my first teacher. She was a believer and practitioner of glazing. She set up simple, and I thought at the time odd and boring, still lifes, that we then carefully developed glaze after glaze for the 3 hours of class. I don't glaze much now--never think of it; I'm not so methodical or perhaps I just don't have time--but it was good practice and I remember one exercise I enjoyed very much where we didn't draw the subject first but found it as we layered glazes. The results, with colors peeping out at edges, were quite nice. She like us to work large also (though these are both quarter sheets).

My second teacher favored a more alla prima approach.
I feel terrible that I don't remember these really wonderful teachers' names now; I'd like to credit them for giving me a great start.
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