Thursday, April 03, 2008


Bought a little pot of daffodils at the farm market, the kind with the orange trumpet and yellow petals, one of my favorites (I also like the ones with the white petals and orange-tipped yellow trumpets, but I never see them).
I did these three 5x7-ish studies freehand last night. Daffodils seems so hard to capture; maybe it's not just that they're yellow(!), but something in their attitude: delicate and jauntily aggressive at the same time.
I like painting flowers freehand--just starting with one and adding on. I try to include blooms facing in different directions and in different stages of openness, and hope for the best!
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Bill Evertson said...

You seem to worry about your yellows, but on screen they seem vibrant. I'm so happy you get to see daffodils. We only have shoots - but great promise - and that is what spring is about. Beautiful works - congratulations.

laura said...

Thanks, Bill. These yellows are bright (maybe brighter on screen than in actuality); I wish I had gotten more variety in them--though perhaps variety isn't necessary here ...

Parapluie said...

You are doing marvelous with yellows on white paper. nice and clean. These have what is most important spirited gesture.

Mineke Reinders said...

Your yellows (and oranges) look perfect to me, they fairly jump off the screen. These studies are wonderful, you've really captured the daffodils' character.


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