Thursday, January 27, 2022

the upside of covid

... is all the Zoom classes one can take. And I have signed on to a crazy amount of classes. One would think I didn't have a job!
The class I'm currently falling behind on is an 8-week session, each week focusing on a different subject, with @blueshineart on iG.
This is a really great class: subjects I'd usually never tackle; media I don't usually use ... and a great group of students whose work is very inspiring.
AND the volume of work ... I did all of these in week 2!
I kinda totally missed week 3 due to work, but I'm looking forward to catching up.


RH Carpenter said...

Well, only one words describes these: WOW! Love them all and had no idea you are so good at portraits. Hope you share more as you catch up with the following week(s).

Jennifer Rose said...

lots of nice portraits 😀
its great there is now so much like this for people to do, it helps a lot of disabled people too that cant leave the house but still want to take art classes

laura said...

thanks rhonda and jennifer rose!