Thursday, February 25, 2021

virtual life drawing


There was a lot more to the reference photo: in it she's got a foot up on a stool and is leaning forward to pull a gun out of her holster.
Not a big fan of costumes when it comes to life drawing. If she were an actual cowgirl, or if I were illustrating a book on the Wild West, okay, but otherwise it's too stagey for my liking.
So I painted only the part that interested me: the head.
Though, I have to say, I would really like to have a model reading a book, dozing in an armchair, or stepping out of a clawfoot tub!


Rachel Murphree said...

I think you have a real knack for portraits!

RH Carpenter said...

Another beautiful painting - you do have a knack for it. I’m with you for costumes = not necessary at all, just show the beautiful human form whether it’s lightly draped or nude. I think you should definitely check into a life drawing/painting class close to you, if there is one!!