Thursday, July 06, 2017

plein air group

Last summer a few friends and I started a plein air group; this summer we're folding into a larger group with a greater range.
We met yesterday afternoon at Benny's Landing. Beautiful afternoon.

Right off the bat, I messed up the line of houses: it's too big, and the rooflines were mostly at the same height. Also, I began by painting the shadowed side of the houses; should have started with the lighter side, I think--then I might have seen the drawing error and been able to fix it.
Since I wasn't happy with it, I decided to mark corrections on it with a marker, so I could try the scene again.
I changed the roofline, and added more dark shapes along the base of the houses.
When I paint it again, I'll much reduce the prominence of the houses too.


RH Carpenter said...

I see what you mean about the roof lines, but that landscape is so loose and clean - maybe try this again, varying the shapes and sizes of the buildings, and get it all that loose. But you are brave going out in this heat and humidity for plein air painting! Our humidity at this time of year is oppressive to me but others seem to love it (meaning, Jerry!)

Barbra Joan said...

Always like your plein air work . Your always able to keep that fresh look about it.. Color too.