Saturday, July 09, 2016

Trumpet vine

Fourth of July weekend turned into Fourth of July week.
Did a little painting... These are trumpet vines I picked in an empty lot. I have a large vine in my yard, but it has never produced flowers!


Unknown said...

Hi again Laura,
Nice bright colors.
Can you tell me What brand( s) of watercolor you use?
And of course I would love to see your palette. I want to try paints in pans, artist quality, and am curious if you or someone can guide me in
The brands.
Ex comparing Winsor Newton with Schmincke.

laura said...

Hi Louise. I use several brands--windsor Newton, Daniel Smith, Sennelier, Holbein, and Schmincke. They're all great. I do prefer WN raw sienna and cerulean to others'; they seem brighter to me. And then there are colors only available in certain brands, like DS green apatite genuine or Holbien's bright violet.
I also try to But colors that are made from one pigment, not a mix.
But I have to say I've spent years chasing the "right" colors--and as a result have an insane number of tubes--when I probably should have spent more time 1) exploring the colors I did have and 2)working on my control of the ratio of paint to water, which, I'm becoming increasingly convinced, is one of the keys to brilliant color.
I'll post some palette pictures soon.

Carol said...

Look at that beauty! You have quite a way with water & glass Laura!