Friday, May 20, 2016

Sparrows, Chickadees, Titmouses

Hello. It's been a long time.
I have been painting now and then, and often think of getting the blog going again and, as important, getting back into the blogger community.
I think my smartphone and Facebook have made me lazy.
I've been posting paintings on FB, in some painting groups there ... You get a lot of "likes" sometimes but it's very impersonal and so less gratifying and ultimately less interesting and purposeful.
Writing a blog post and interacting with other bloggers facilitated a lot of thinking about painting. I've missed it.

Here are a few paintings I did at the beginning of the year.


RH Carpenter said...

Love all the birds, especially the look of the chickadees = you have captured that saucy look they have! So glad to see you back to your blog and hope you continue, even if just once a month or so. I find FB "likes" to be just about the most impersonal things - takes all of a 2-second click and you move on to something else! No wonder we all are suffering from attention deficits and addiction to online stuff. And just read a Robert Genn Newsletter talking about how one artist has made money with Instagram feeds showing her work and selling online. Of course, that's one of a million, but...well, guess we all SHOULD get with the program and be online all the time - but then when would we have time to paint? ha ha Sorry for the rant...I am becoming less and less friendly towards new social media all the time.

laura said...

Thank you, Rhonda. I agree about the social media... I have wasted more time since I got this smartphone!
I have a backlog of paintings to post, so I'll be posting pretty regularly for a while anyway.

Margaret said...

I find bloggers to be a bit more involved - same interests ... I do like FB too but it is a different media. These birds are exquisite! Wonderfully drawn and so light filled. Wow.

Carol said...

Beautiful drawings and painting. You've given your birds some personality

laura said...

Thank you, Margaret and Carol.

Pat Dolan said...

Your bird paintings are delightful! You do capture their individuality, not just the species. And you do it well and so cleanly! Great job.

I agree about FB swallowing time, energy, and more. I've gotten way behind again in my art, let alone my blogging!

Thanks for the reminder.

annie said...

So glad to see your blog, Laura. I hope you will be able to send on more. Lovely to look at and I always learn so much from watching you.

Laura said...

Nice to see you back Laura. I did not even realise you were on Facebook. I haven't got a problem with the impersonal approach. I would not have the time to talk to everyone who visits all my internet venues. Maybe it just depends what we want from all this and what our objectives are.

Laura said...

Sorry forgot to say your paintings are delightful as they always are.

Barbara Muir said...

Love the birds, and am excited to see you back. I am not blogging nearly as much either, partially Facebook, and not feeling like I have the time. But I think blogging and the blogging connections go deeper about art, and I love that.

So please keep going if you can. Your work always inspires me.


Unknown said...

Hi again Laura,
Love those birds! You have always fresh transparent colors, vibrant ! Just love what you do.
Very inspiring.

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

Amen to your comments about social media. I have pretty much neglected my blog, because I have the feeling I am the only one reading it. Perhaps that is OK, and I should think of it more as a personal diary that exists in a safe place away from my studio.

I am also guilty of not visiting other people's blogs, like yours. Those chickadees are a delight!

laura said...

Hi Sherry. I do find I am about 95% more likely to visit other blogs when I am blogging myself... If I'm not bloggong, I don't look at blogs, just at FB!