Friday, January 16, 2015

laysan albatross


Once again, I find I've neglected my blog ... I didn't do much painting over the holiday season for one, and for two, I  seemed to have a lot of technological problems.
So, once again, trying to get back on track.
I made these little paintings for the FaceBook page Paint Colorful Birds for Fun: each week they choose another bird. There's some spectacular work there!


Margaret said...

Thanks for the link. I haven't painted for a long time - perhaps I'll have some fun.

Your birds - are wonderful!

Diana said...

Love your birds, Laura. They have so much personality!! love,Diana

RH Carpenter said...

I really like both of these - the negative shapes and the whites make it very interesting. And, of course, they are birds - my favorite things! I checked that Facebook site, too and may continue to check out what people are painting - some amazing things there! Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Muir said...

These are wonderful Laura. Happy New Year! I missed seeing your work.
I love the way these birds are connected. Lovely.


MILLY said...

Happy New Year Laura. Your birds have really got character, theses two studies are so good as you have captured a real moment. Great studies.
So many things I want to draw, make, try, and do that at times I do not know what to choose first. Never bored!
Lovely to see you back blogging and thanks for visiting.