Sunday, February 19, 2012

1-day workshop

I did a 1-day workshop yesterday with my Monday teacher, Marie Natale, She has a showing hanging in Hammonton, NJ, about 90 minutes from me, of paintings from her trip to Italy last year and the workshop focused on Italian scenes, specifically on painting aged stucco facades, which is fun since they have so many colors and irregularities.
I started out a little apprehensive since--although I have no problem painting other people's "challenge" photos--I don't usually paint places I haven't been; I don't know, I think I worried it would feel inauthentic ... But then, it's just shapes and color on paper ... and it was fun.
Also, I had a fabulous lunch at a wine bar across the street from the art center. Typically contrarian, I had beer, Ommegang, and a fabulous little plate of three fried polenta triangles topped with tomato brushetta, black olive tapenade, and mushrooms sauteed in butter and sherry.
I got lost on the way home trying to find a Greek restaurant that I thought was on the way and had to go home without the taramasalata I'd been looking forward to all day.
Painting makes me hungry.

Practicing stucco: each square has blue, red and yellow (some have "foliage" at the bottom), with a different predominant color in each vertical row.

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renate said...

Hello Laura! That must have been a great workshop, though it was only for the food and drinks:)
I like the paintings you made. Very warm colors and the water in the second painting is beautiful! Good job!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Lovely lush and watery.. oh how I love your architectural artwork!!

cathyswatercolors said...

Fun day, one to remember for sure. Love the middle painting i think it is all the light and the composition. I am going back to view your practice swatches maybe i can learn something:0