Wednesday, September 16, 2009

off to chincoteague


A couple more cheap-paper paintings ... I had the subjects sketched out, so couldn't resist. Just trying to warm up before going to Chincoteague: I'll be on the 2:30 ferry today and in Virginia before dinner. An adventure.

Pulling together a few supplies for the trip I found this old still life that I've been hanging on to for years though I never finished it ... the bottom part really wasn't working for me, but I do love those two poppy pods and the orange yoni-shaped things--no idea what they were!


Back from Virginia Monday afternoon with, I hope, some new paintings to post!
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Natashia McEwan said...

great paintings -- have a wonderful adventure . Natashia

Judith Mercado said...

It's always such a soothing experience to check in and find your latest work. Thank you for that moment of simple joy.

RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful work, as always. And what a fun time it sounds like you will have. Enjoy - and bring back some good stuff :)

Mark McC said...

These paintings are lovely. I like the still-life too. Not sure why you don't like the bottom, but you can always crop it off!

Looking forward to seeing your Chincoteague paintings. Maybe there will be a wild horse in one?

A Brush with Color said...

Have a great time, Laura! I always love your color choices and watery subjects. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I love that still life as well!


These are lovely!

Debbie said...

Hi Laura, I just love your watercolor paintings, I have given you a Kreative Blogger award on my blog, I really enjoy your work.